30th European Space Thermal Analysis Workshop

5–6 October 2016

ESA/ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands



The 30th European Space Thermal Analysis Workshop was held on the 5–6 October 2016 in ESA/ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands. It was organised by the Thermal Analysis and Verification Section of the Thermal Division.

The Workshop was intended to have four main purposes:

  • allow an exchange of views on the use of thermal analysis software
  • provide a forum for contact between the developers and the users
  • present new versions of the software and solicit feedback from users
  • present new methodologies, standardisation activities, etc.


The proceedings of the workshop are made up of the schedule, the list of participants, and all of the presentations themselves. Participants will receive an electronic version of the proceedings.

The electronic version of the proceedings consists of PDF files that have been generated at screen-resolution for preview using the Adobe Reader.
Some of the PDF files contain embedded movies, or links to external movies, of pre-recorded demonstrations made during the presentations. Embedded movies can be played directly from Adobe Reader provided that a current version is installed and a Flash/Shockwave player is available on the system. In case an embedded movie cannot be played directly it can be manually extracted from the PDF file and played with an appropriate player. Several players exist for most platforms.

Disclaimer: owing to the inevitable differences between the original authors’ systems, the ESTEC/TEC-MTV machines, and at the end-users’ sites, ESA/ESTEC is unable to guarantee that these documents will produce identical screen or printed output across all combinations of system, font and printer installations.


Title and Author: Size:
Complete proceedings
[including all presentations]
166.8M Download
Schedule, Participants list
[no presentations]
368K Download
[no presentations]
298K Download
Welcome and introduction
Harrie Rooijackers (ESA/ESTEC, The Netherlands)
4.7M Download
GENETIK+ — Near-real time thermal model correlation using genetic algorithm
Guillaume Mas (CNES, France)
2.2M Download
World Space Observatory-Ultraviolet — Thermal Analysis of Spacecraft Electronics
Samuel Tustain (RAL Space, United Kingdom)
2.7M Download
Thermal mapping on Bepicolombo’s Mercury Planetary Orbiter (MPO) using SINASIV
Claudia Terhes & Simon Appel (ESA/ESTEC, The Netherlands)
72.1M Download
Correlation of MLI Performance Measurement with a Custom MATLAB Tool
Lars Tiedemann & Peter Lindenmaier (HPS GmbH, Germany), Joao Pedro Loureiro (HPS Lda., Portugal)
1.7M Download
Solar Orbiter STM Thermal Testing and Correlation
Scott Morgan (Airbus Defence and Space, United Kingdom)
1.6M Download
Automated thermal model correlation
Martin Trinoga (Airbus Safran Launchers, Germany)
1.5M Download
The challenges of modelling helium gas conduction and helium seal interfaces in ESATAN-TMS r7
Nicole Melzack (RAL Space, United Kingdom)
1.2M Download
Improved integrated way of post-processing thermal result data
Henri Brouquet (ITP Engines UK Ltd, United Kingdom)
988K Download
Thermal modelling of thruster nozzles and plumes for planetary landers
Hannah Rana & Andrea Passaro (ESA/ESTEC, The Netherlands)
5M Download
Thermal experiments on LISA Pathfinder’s Inertial Sensors
Ferran Gibert (University of Trento, Italy)
9.3M Download
Quasi-autonomous spacecraft thermal model reduction
German Fernandez Rico (Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research, Germany), Isabel Perez Grande & Ignacio Torralbo (Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain)
1.1M Download
Space Thermal Analysis through Reduced Finite Element Modelling
Lionel Jacques (Space Structures and Systems Laboratory, University of Liege & Centre Spatial de Liege, Belgium), Luc Masset & Gaetan Kerschen (Space Structures and Systems Laboratory, University of Liege, Belgium)
3.1M Download
VEGA Launch Vehicle — Improved Fluidic Thermal Prediction Model
P. Perugini & David Moroni & Matteo Tirelli (Avio S.p.A., Italy)
2.4M Download
Timothee Soriano & Antoine Caugant (Airbus Defense and Space SAS, France)
1.7M Download
Gas conduction and convection modelling techniques for the ExoMars Rover
Joshua Katzenberg (Airbus Defence and Space, United Kingdom)
641K Download
Modelling of complex satellite manoeuvres with ESATAN-TMS
Nicolas Bures (ITP Engines UK Ltd, United Kingdom)
6.6M Download
pyTCDT (TCDT 2.0) — A flexible and scriptable toolbox for thermal analyses.
Marco Giardino & Andrea Tosetto (Blue Engineering, Italy), James Etchells & Harrie Rooijackers (ESA/ESTEC, The Netherlands)
24.4M Download
A comprehensive integration methodology based on cosimulation — Integration of thermal management in early phases of an electronic / electrical design
Benoit Triquigneaux & M.Bareille & Julien Pouzin & Laurent Labracherie & J.Vidal (ALTRAN Technologies, France)
1.3M Download
THERM3D / e-Therm GMM (conductive) and TMM generation of thermo-mechanical antenna support designed for ALM
Patrick Connil & Jean Paul Dudon & Thierry Basset & Patrick Hugonnot (TAS, France), Francois Brunetti (DOREA, France)
13.9M Download
Development towards 3D thermography
Gianluca Casarosa (ESA/ESTEC, The Netherlands)
3M Download
Data exchange for thermal analysis — a status update
James Etchells & Duncan Gibson & Harrie Rooijackers & Matthew Vaughan (ESA/ESTEC, The Netherlands)
5.1M Download
Proceedings cover page
[no presentations]
213K Download
CD label and cover
[no presentations]
117K Download

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Further Information

The next workshop will be held at 24–25 October 2017 at ESA/ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands.

If you would like further information about the 30th European Space Thermal Analysis Workshop please contact:

Benoit Laine,
Thermal Division,
P.O. Box 299,
2200AG Noordwijk,
The Netherlands

Email: Benoit.Laine (at)

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