TASverter archive

TASverter archive

This page holds only the older versions of TASverter. For the most recent versions visit here.


The 2013 release of TASverter is a minimal update to r2007 to run on Windows 7, and now uses STEP-TAS v6, the same version used in ESATAN-TMS and THERMICA, instead of the old and incompatible STEP-TAS v5.2.

Note that there is no new functionality in this release.

The TASverter development team has easy access to systems running Windows 7, Windows XP, and CentOS Linux, and has a large test suite for verifying that TASverter r2013 release runs correctly on those systems. TASverter has not been built or tested on other Windows or Linux platforms.

System Filename Size
Windows 7 TASverter-r2013-06-30-Win7.zip 24 Mb Download
Windows XP TASverter-r2013-06-30-WinXP.zip 24 Mb Download
Linux TASverter-r2013-06-30-Linux.tgz 86 Mb Download
all release-notes.html 7 Kb View
all installation-notes.html 5 Kb View
all frequently-asked-questions.html 7 Kb View
all TASverterGUI online help 5 Mb View


The previous release of TASverter from 2007 does not run on Windows 7 and uses STEP-TAS v5.2. It is provided here for historical reasons only.

System Filename Size
Windows XP TASverter-r2007-03-19-WIN.zip 14 Mb Download
Linux TASverter-r2007-03-19_Linux.tgz 9 Mb Download