SINAS IV: Interpolation of lumped parameter thermal node temperatures (from e.g. ESATAN) to thermo-elastic input data (with MSC.NASTRAN)


Simon Appel
Consultant Engineer
ATG Europe B.V.

James Etchells
Thermal Analysis Engineer

Thermal Analysis


SINAS IV is a suite of modules that support the process of converting the temperature results that are computed with a lumped parameter thermal solver, like ESATAN or SINDA, to input for a thermo-mechanical or thermo-elastic analysis with MSC.NASTRAN.

The tool is developed to solve the incompatiblity problem between the lumped parameter thermal analysis models and structural finite element models. This incompatibility originates in the difference in methods used in the two domains. On top of that there is the problem of the different mesh densities. SINAS IV solves this problem using a conductive interpolation approach in combination with constraints prescribing the average temperature of the thermal nodes to the finite elements.

The software version available for download (see below) is a windows version and runs on Windows-2000 and Windows-XP. It requires to have both MSC.PATRAN and MSC.NASTRAN runing under windows.

Learning More

A full suite of user documentation is provided under the downloads section of this web-page. The SINAS tool has also been presented at a number of conferences and workshops. The following links provide some general informal information about the tool:

Some additional installation and set-up instructions, as well as some commonly encountered questions, are also covered in the following technical note:

Material available for download

The following material is available for download from this page:

  • SINAS IV User’s Manual
  • SINAS IV Theoretical Manual
  • SINAS IV Demonstration Manual
  • Software: Executables for Windows, MSC.PATRAN PCL library and startup file for patran
  • Examples

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