20th European Workshop on Thermal and ECLS Software

4-5 October 2006

ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands



The 20th European Workshop on Thermal and ECLS Software was held on the 4-5 October 2006 in ESTEC. It was organised by the Thermal Analysis and Verification Section of the Thermal and Structures Division.

The Workshop was intended to have three main purposes:

  • allow an exchange of views on the use of thermal analysis software
  • provide a forum for contact between the developers and the users
  • present new versions of the software and solicit feedback from users


The proceedings of the workshop are made up of the “minutes” – a record of the questions and discussion points raised during the sessions – as well as the schedule, list of participants, and all of the presentations themselves. Participants will receive an electronic version of the proceedings. Unlike previous years, there will be no printed copy.

The electronic version of the proceedings consists of PDF files that have been generated at screen-resolution for preview using the Adobe Reader.

Disclaimer: owing to the inevitable differences between the original authors’ systems, the ESTEC/TEC-MCV machines, and at the end-users’ sites, ESA/ESTEC is unable to guarantee that these documents will produce identical screen or printed output across all combinations of system, font and printer installations.

Title and Author: Size:
Complete proceedings [including all presentations] 44 Mb Download
Schedule, Minutes, Participants list [no presentations] 0.3 Mb Download
Welcome and Introduction
H. Rooijackers, ESA/ESTEC
0.4 Mb Download
Status Update on STEP-TAS
HP. de Koning, ESA/ESTEC
2.0 Mb Download
New features of Baghera View : extended reporting mechanism of thermal models with synchronisation based on XML and STEP-TAS
E. Ciuti, CSTB
3.7 Mb Download
Thermica V4
T. Soriano, Astrium
6.2 Mb Download
J. Thomas, ALSTOM
1.4 Mb Download
SINAS : a generic tool for mapping lumped parameter temperatures to a finite element model for thermo-elastic analysis
0.7 Mb Download
ESATAN/TMG Demonstration
H. Brouquet, ALSTOM
1.9 Mb Download
A system for solving fully coupled thermal-structural problems using TMG and NASTRAN
K. Duffy, MAYA
1.1 Mb Download
ESATAN Thermal Suite Status
C. Kirtley, ALSTOM
1.3 Mb Download
Presentation of the Open Frontier Framework as a Platform for Space Engineering Tools
H. Sdunnus, eta_max space
1.6 Mb Download
Migration of existing thermal models into new software versions
S. Kasper. Jena-Optronik
0.3 Mb Download
Introduction to NX TMG Space Thermal
K. Duffy, MAYA
13 Mb Download
Thermal Model Reduction with Stochastic Optimisations
M. Gorlani, Blue Group
1.2 Mb Download
ThermNV Status
J. Thomas, ALSTOM
2.4 Mb Download
GAETAN 5 : a complete environment for thermal analysis
H. Pasquier, CNES
3.1 Mb Download
TCDT : an environment for preliminary thermal analysis and design
M.Gorlani, Blue Group
1.3 Mb Download
ESATAP : a postprocessor environment for thermal analysis
F. Brunetti, Dorea
1.6 Mb Download
Therm3d : a new tool for 3D thermal modelling
JP. Dudon, Alcatel Alenia Space
0.9 Mb Download

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Further Information

If you would like further information about the 20th European Thermal and ECLS Software Workshop please contact:

Olivier Pin,
Thermal and Structures Division,
P.O. Box 299,
2200AG Noordwijk,
The Netherlands

Email: Olivier.Pin (at)

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