14th European Workshop on Thermal & ECLS Software

7-8 November 2000
ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands


The 14th European Workshop on Thermal and ECLS Software took place in ESTEC, 7-8 November 2000. As in previous years it was organised by the Analysis and Verification Section of the Thermal and Structures Division, ESA/ESTEC.

The goals of the Workshop have traditionally been:
– to promote the exchange of views and experiences amongst the users of the Agency’s (and others) software packages in the fields of thermal control and ECLS
– to provide a forum for contact between end users and software developers
– to present new versions of the software tools and to solicit feedback for the development.

This year, out of a total of 17 presentations, 9 originated from ESA or contractors working under ESA related contracts, and 8 originated from other industries and organisations.

Main subjects of discussion have been recorded and Proceedings will be available in the ESA WPP series (number and date to be announced). A preliminary pdf version of these proceedings will also be available on this web page at the end of June 2001.


Tuesday 7 November 2000:

Welcome Introduction (size: 28K)
Olivier Pin, ESA ESTEC

ESARAD: Modelling the Metop-SVM within The SIMLES Test Chamber (size: 586K)
Andrew Holmes, Astrium UK

ESARAD v4.2 (size: 277K)
Nigel Stock, ALSTOM Power Technology Centre

LISA Payload Thermal Analysis (size: 227K)
Sam Heys, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory

Adequation of thermal software for thermal engineering in Astrium/EADS (size: 844K)
Patrice Renard, Astrium France

First Experiences by using the PC versions of ESATAN and ESARAD (size: 217K)
Stefan Kasper, DaimlerChrysler Aerospace – Jena-Optronik GmbH

Various tips & tricks for efficient use of ESARAD on Unix and Windows (size: 182K)
Hans Peter de Koning, ESA ESTEC

The Status of Project POLYTAN (size: 227K)
Julian Thomas, ALSTOM Power Technology Centre

Using ESARAD Visualization to Check Surface Rotation Laws of ISS Model (size: 144K)
Jose Antonio Romera Perez, ESA ESTEC
You can also launch the animation demonstrated at the Workshop: ESARAD animation

Concurrent engineering for BepiColombo with animated temperature maps of Mercury (size: 1622K)
Peter van der Plas, Andrea Santovincenzo and Hans Peter de Koning, ESA ESTEC

Wednesday 8 November 2000:

PALAMEDE thermal design with ESATAN/ESARAD (size: 364K)
Franco Bernelli Zazzera, Marco Molina, Fabrizio Du� and Daniele Peroni, Department of Aerospace Engineering – Politecnico di Milano

An Automated RCS Model Generator Spreadsheet (size: 1176K)
Sean Tuttle. Astrium UK

News from User Support (size: 298K)
Frederic du Laurens d’Oiselay, ALSTOM Power Technology Centre

Data exchange between SINDA/FLUINT and MAYA/TMG for a payload thermal control design: NINA and MITA (size: 529K)
Marco Molina, Carlo Gavazzi Space

Progress with STEP-TAS Data Exchange (size: 903K)
Sandrine Fagot, Simulog and Hans Peter de Koning, ESA ESTEC

Two-phase fluid loop modelling in FHTS and ESATAN (size: 445K)
Development of a FHTS solver based on CEDRIC spatial (size: 30K)
Christian Puillet, CNES

Using ThermXL and EcosimPro for Fast Turn-Around Thermal Analysis (size: 1553K)
First application: Hypobaric Chamber – Presented by Robert Lindner – (size: 125K)
Olivier Pin and Robert Lindner, ESA ESTEC
The ThermXL and EcosimPro models used for this presentation are freely available on this web page.

Latest advances in EcosimPro Simulation Tool (size: 532K)
Pedro Cobas and Ramon Perez-Vara, Empresarios Agrupados International

Discussion Session and Workshop Closure (no pdf file available)
Charles Stroom, ESA ESTEC

A zip file (created with Winzip7.0) containing all the presentations in the pdf format can also be downloaded (size: 8958K)

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