Ph.D. Research Study “Innovative Ray Tracing Algorithms for Space Thermal Analysis”

ESA Contract 20180


Pierre Vueghs (personal)

Hans Peter de Koning (Supervisor, ESA/ESTEC)

Thermal Analysism, ESTEC/ESA

Pierre Rochus (Academic Promotor, Univ. de Liege)


Here are provided the results of the above PhD research study performed by Pierre Vueghs in the period 2006-2009. The Ph.D. oral defense was successfully held on 9 March 2009 through which Pierre Vueghs earned his doctorate title.

The study was supported jointly by:

  • University of Liege, Faculty of Applied Sciences, Department of Aerospace and Mechanics, Liege, Belgium;
  • FNRS (Fonds National de la Recherche Scientifique), Brussels, Belgium;
  • ESA/ESTEC (through its Networking-Partnering Initiative), Noordwijk, The Netherlands.

Honouring the established policy of the Network of Experts on Space Thermal Analysis (NESTA) the results are made available through the NESTA R&D Pool at https://exchange.esa.int. They may be used by Persons and Bodies in the ESA Member States and Cooperating States for further development of space thermal analysis capabilities.

The study results are subdivided into three main parts with separate downloads, as per table below.

Registration is required to download the file through the links below. Please visit this registration page and fill in your name, occupation, organisation and the area: Innovative Ray Tracing Algorithms. You will receive your username and password within 1 to 7 days usually.

Thesis_Pierre_Vueghs_ESA_version.pdf Final version of the Ph.D. thesis itself as a 8MB PDF document
Supporting-Information.zip Folder Supporting-Information containing internal reports, published papers and presentations in the form of a 42 MB ZIP archive
PVTAN.zip Folder PVTAN containing the development and validation software with source code, models and results in the form of a 77MB ZIP archive

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