ASSET: Analysis of Spacecraft qualification sequence and Environmental Testing

ESA Contract 4000105946


Benoit Laine, ESA


ASSET is a TRP study performed by Thales Alenia Space (Turin, Rome and Cannes) and Airbus Defence and Space (Toulouse and Friedrichshafen). The aim of the activity:

  • Evaluate the environmental test effectiveness at spacecraft level looking at past projects ground and flight anomalies in relation to the test program.
  • Analyze test programs and test conditions to assess trends, test effectiveness, adequation of ECSS standard with current practices.
  • Propose possible improvements of the environmental test approach based on lessons learned.

Material available for download

The following material is available for download on this website:

  • The final presentation given in December 2014
  • The Flyer
  • The Summary report (Everything in one zipfile – 1.6MB)

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